Upcoming Sales

June 2024 Sales

Northville, MI June 14th 10-4, June 15th 10-4, June 16th 10-3

We are back in Northville for Father’s Day Weekend, and you know what that means….plan accordingly because this is the weekend that we are busy.  So get to this sale early, because if you delay, you know those bargains are going to be gone!!

We have a lot to offer at this sale, and again, this is one of our busier weekends, so the deals will not last long.

The house is neat and clean, and just packed full of fun items, that are practical and useful too.  We have a very wide range of items, so take a look at the pictures.

We know that the pictures and the setup are rough as of now, but we wanted to build the excitement like we always do for this particular sale.  Updates will be coming up soon this weekend, so just stick with us, we are very excited about this one (we tend to get excited about all of them), but we do have a great passion for Northville.

Also, just so you know, the house is also for sale as well, so please do inquire within, and grab a “Coming Soon” flier and take a look around.

So today is June 5th, 2024 and we will have lots of updates for you in the next few days, as the entire set up crew is going to be at this location.  So stay tuned,  hang on, and enjoy the ride!

Westland, MI June 28th 10-4, June 29th 10-4, June 30th 10-3

Remember back in January of 2024, that this was going to be a very exciting year, with lots of fun and adventure to be had, and if possible we would break some rules, and if necessary invent more as we went along!?  Yeah, we barely remember that either, but here we are, at the cross-roads of, do we take the conventional path and have a little fun, or do we take the road less traveled, and have a whole lot of fun.  Well, welcome to the road less traveled!!!  Let’s have some fun.

So what we have before us is a clean and packed home with lots and lots and lots and lots of treasures, all waiting to be found, and given new homes.

Not all items are going to be priced.  Part of the excitement about this estate sale is that it is going to be a treasure hunters paradise.  We are playing hide and seek with the treasures.  So bring gloves, a flashlight, and a sense of adventure cause you are going to need it to have some fun at this sale.  

All three floors are packed, as is the garage and the yard.  We have made mention in the past that you need to look high, you need to look low, you need to look under and over, cause you might miss something.

Items that are marked, are priced with our famous blue stickers.  If the estate does allow for discounts at this sale, priced items will be discounted accordingly.  And you know that we are open to offers, but we do have to ask the estate for permission for any additional discounts, it’s only fair to other guests, and the estate.

Do not be disrespectful to the estate or sale.  This is not a free for all.  You are welcome to look around, and move items as necessary, but do not throw things on the floor, and leave them there for others to pick up.

Everything at this sale must go, we are cleaning out the entire house and have three days to do so, which is very reasonable, considering the amount of deals that we will be offering.

Now here comes the fun and exciting part of this sale.


1)  Hourly specials, additional discounts on certain items, every hour

2)  Fill a bag for $8.00.  Bags will be provided, and checked while cashing out.  Bag may not be over-flowing, with large items sticking out.  Items that are in the bag, must be level with the top of the bag.  Fill a bag is for un-priced items only.

3)  We will also be doing fill a box.  We will have three different size boxes, available for purchase.  Small, Medium, and Large.  $10, $15, and $20 accordingly.  Box again will be checked at checkout.  Do not over fill the box, as it will need to be taped shut at checkout.  No large items over-flowing the box, the box must be able to be taped shut at check out, so pack accordingly

4)  We are going to be very reasonable on pricing.  Please do not take advantage of the estates generosity and kindness.  This is meant to be fun for all, and a great adventure.


Novi, MI June 28th 10-4, June 29th 10-4, June 30th 10-3

This Estate sale, is truly being held at an Estate, in Novi.  The owners of this Estate, are simply remarkable.  The moment that you walk thru the door, you know that this is going to be one of those sales, that only happens once in a blue moon.

We have a remarkably clean, pet free, smoke free and exceptionally well cared for outstanding Estate.

The furnishings in this Estate, are top of the line, of the highest quality, and only the finest of materials used to make these exceptional pieces.

Now with that being said, these furniture pieces are pristine.  Besides the furnishings, we have some of the most eclectic items, for home decor as well.

Indoors or out, this Estate, and Estate sale has it all.

The home has been sold, and the new owners have purchased some items, so there will be one room that has a collection of items in it, and that will be off limits.  Again, off limits, lets not make this weird

So at this sale you are getting the best 2/3rds of the Dynamic Trio, which two, guess you will have to stop in shop, and find out!!!

Northville June 21st, 22nd & 28th ~ Details coming soon!