Upcoming Sales

November 2022 Sales

November 18, 19 & 20th 10-4pm

It is as if time has stood still…………..

This Northville Estate Sale, is a virtual time capsule of the rare and hard to find.  We have stamps, records, record player, glass and brass lamps. Vintage furnishings and accessories, tapestry, along with spectacular works of arts!

We expect to be very busy at this sale starting on day one.  With the number of phone calls that we have received, and the amount of email that we have gotten, we expect that this sale, may not last all three days.  Items are priced to sell, and are reasonable.

This is a most remarkable collection of items, and this sale is one of the finest examples of vintage finds.  Please look at all the pictures, as they tell a very big part of the story.  Very single item in this home is for sale

We have spectacular glass pieces, and vases too.

Every corner, every table, every cabinet, every room has remarkable and spectacular treasures to be found.  Please do take your time, walk around and be amazed at the most amazing collection of items that we have ever seen.

Baby Stuart German Bisque Doll, Chinese vases, vintage bar items, pair of vintage brass lamps in perfect working condition, small Singer sewing machine (it is so really cool), trinket boxes, that bubble glass red lamp, Nippon pieces, including a very nice flower vase, and tea set too!

And so much more!  Click on the link below for more information.

December 2022 Sales

December 2,3, & 4th 10-4pm

Alright, alright, we heard you!!  Please, do another Estate Sale in Northville, and bring us high quality furnishings at a very reasonable price, so we did!

With that being said, you asked, we delivered!!  

This is not your typical, oh look Grandma used to have that, or wait, didn’t we grow up with that?  Or even better, remember the neighbors had that sunken living room, and that was the furniture that they had down there.

What we have here, is simple elegant furnishings that would compliment any new home, or existing home looking for a refresh. Certainly, that cement coffee table, and cement round side table paired with that large plaid couch and loveseat would look equally amazing in any new loft, or lower level, or for that matter, a man cave or she shed!

We have a good number of high quality items, priced very reasonably.

So lets be honest, we are smack dab in the middle of, damn it is nasty outside, wish I could sleep more, but this sale is calling my name, best be there!

We will add more pictures and information as we come across more items.  But we are ending the year on a very positive note, and bringing you what you wanted!